The ever increasing competition and rapidly changing technology of our existing business environment have demanded that corporations and businesses be adaptable in order to keep pace with their competitors in the marketplace. It is no longer possible to continue to operate in a business as usual manner without adjusting to these ever changing conditions.

In today's world, technical education is essential if any business, no matter how large or small, is to make the most effective use of its personnel. History has proven that the time and expense associated with a credible educational program will pay for itself many times over in the form of increased productivity.

PanTech Consulting provides its clients with the highest quality technical education. Our team of instructors and consultants bring unusual depth of experience and expertise to our client organizations with hundreds of combined years of experience in providing training and consulting services.

By using a proven instructional methodology and staying at the forefront of the latest technology, PanTech will keep you informed and productive. Rather than offering an unrelated array of individual courses, PanTech provides complete curricula in new technologies. After PanTech provides your company with our educational services, we stand ready to supply you with whatever extended services your organization may require.


PanTech can provide the complete solution to your training and data processing needs. Training related products and services provided by PanTech include:

Public Seminars

Management awareness seminars dealing in state of the art areas have been taught by PanTech instructors throughout the world. These seminars offer corporate decision makers and planners access to PanTech's high level of expertise and enables them to better understand the technical areas which they manage without getting involved in the low level operating details. The Public Seminars offered by PanTech are of relative short duration and are often geared toward emerging technology.

On-site Courses

For organizations requiring training for multiple employees, PanTech courseware is available for teaching using client facilities. Such on-site training will often provide the most cost effective method of education. Further advantages associated with on-site courses may be derived from having the students exposed to the exact environment they will be working in following their training experience. PanTech instructors are also quite capable of dynamically adapting the course to accommodate almost any variation in your technical environment. In addition to teaching on-site courses using our own courseware, PanTech instructors can also be provided to present client developed courses.

Courseware Licensing

All of PanTech's existing courseware has been systematically developed by subject matter experts utilizing a proven course development methodology. The courses have been presented as part of the continuing internal education programs for many of our clients. The complete line of PanTech courseware is available for licensing to organizations having their own personnel capable of teaching from our course materials. PanTech course materials may include instructor guides, student guides, visual aids, and exercise problems including solutions. Course pre-tests and post-tests can also be provided to assist in measuring the overall effectiveness of the course.

Custom Course Development

Using either our own course development methodology or, if required, the clients methodology, PanTech can provide the in-depth subject matter expertise necessary to custom develop a course to satisfy almost any specific training requirement. PanTech's extensive experience in technical course development enables our organization to accurately estimate the scope and size of the development effort. Your organization will be provided with enough information in advance to enable an informed decision concerning the feasibility of having PanTech undertake the development. In our complete proposal for developing the course, PanTech will provide the client with a statement of the work to be done, a proposed approach to doing the work, preliminary course objectives and outlines, and a time and cost schedule. Up front, the customer will know exactly what course materials will be produced, what development standards will be used, what the customer development responsibilities are, what PanTech's development responsibilities are, what approval checkpoints will be adhered to, and what the final cost of the development effort will be.

Education Consulting

PanTech's education consultants are capable of offering assistance beyond the scope of instruction and course development. We can offer expert guidance covering a complete line of educational services. Curriculum planning, needs assessments, courseware evaluation and testing, instructor training and evaluation, and classroom facilities planning, are among the many areas within PanTech's realm of educational expertise. Uniquely qualified PanTech consultants can be made available either on a short term or a long term basis to assist you in your educational efforts.


PanTech's COMPLETE SOLUTION to education and training provides quality courseware in a multitude of technical areas including:

PanTech's dedication to EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION provides many benefits which are not commonly available from other training sources, such as:

PanTech Consulting - THE ORGANIZATION

PanTech's staff of consultants has been assisting industry in the development and instruction of educational programs for over 25 years. We have been involved in the development of scores of technical education and training courses spanning the entire spectrum of data processing. Our design philosophy is to develop courses using the latest techniques with an emphasis on providing the highest quality education at the lowest possible cost. Our team of instructors are experienced, professional, personable, technically proficient, and extremely concerned with providing their students with the best possible learning experience.